Hosting multiple websites

I need some guidence from you guys here.I am setting up a business to maintain couple of wordpress websites for different clients.Question is,
-Do i create one account/client?I like the cleanliness of it but i feel like it would be too much work to say, maintain 10 accounts for 10 different clients.These website are completely unrelated,different person,different need.I will be the webmaster for all it.
What is the best way to go about it?Something which is easy for me to monitor all these 10 different accounts(number will vary),carry out maintenance work(upgrade theme,plugin and anything else which is needed for the website?)

one dreamhost account.
one server account (user) per website (unlimited users on your dreamhost plan).

You can even grant certain panel rights to another user by domain should you need to. But keeping separate server accounts or “users” for each website makes sense from more than just this angle. Such as, if one website should become compromised it wouldn’t immediately infect the others.

It depends on what sort of clients you have. Are they technical enough that they would want sftp (or ftp) access, or will they be happy only having the WordPress menu to work in.

If they are the type that want to get in and edit code and such, then you should have a different server account for each website, as LakeRat mentioned.

However, if your clients are the type that get glossy-eyed when you discuss code; then you can easily have a single WordPress install set up and enable Multi-sites. That way each client can have their own website, and you only have one WordPress install to deal with.

I currently run around 8 WordPress websites for some small businesses in my area using a single install of WordPress. I charge a low yearly fee for each website to cover the cost of the entire account with DreamHost. Works great, been running it for a few years like that with hardly any problems at all.

Again, these are all just local small businesses with low web-traffic. If someone had an e-commerce site or tons of traffic I would probably create a seperate install of WordPress or whatever they were using to run their site.

Then they should be separated as much as possible by availing them separate users.

Thank you each one of you.My clients are NOT tech savvy at all.Wordpress menu is the best that they can handle.I will be doing the blog care thing for the most part front end or back end.Sieraacircle,you are pretty funny with glossy eye reference,but thats true :-).They are different clients.No connection with each other in anyway.I need to look into the server account part.Yes,i do not want everyone to get compromised at the same time,if something happens to one.That would be nightmare.I like your ideas to have ONE dreamhost account and MULTIPLE server account.I want to keep them as separated as possible without adding too much management hurdel in my part.My only challange with that however is ,how do i price it?If each had their own dreamhost account,i can just tell them the price for hosting but if they are all under one dreamhost account,how do you charge?

Whatever you can get them to pay =]

Last time I checked profit was the name of the game :slight_smile:

I know :-)Is there like some sort of pricing tool that you can use to estimate the price fairly,in itemized way like website set up/developement/different things?

One thing that will vary greatly is by the country you are in.

Also if you are marketing a service that goes alongside it.

One company that I’m familiar with charges US $99.00 per year per site. That includes a “basic” domain registration. They basically provide no other service to the customer beyond a running copy of wordpress. They do pretty well with it for the most part, and market it through a brick and mortar media transfer company (picture scanning, convert video to dig etc.) They backup the site daily, but charge $20.00 to actually perform a restore, assuming the need is the fault of the customer.

As far as what you can charge it varies by your market and target audience.

The only time they really lost sleep was about a year ago when all the WP hacks occurred.