Hosting multiple websites & uptime question

I’ve been looking at the ‘Crazy Domain Insane!’ plan, but I’m wondering one thing.

Currently I’ve got three websites hosted at various providers, however, with the DH plan it’ll offer more than enough space and bandwidth than I’ll need for thirty times the current sites. One thing isn’t clear though; I’ve read that you can host unlimited amount of domains - it doesn’t tell whether you can direct these domains to different directories and thus being able to host multiple websites.

As second question I’d like to know how the uptime/speed of Dreamhost is to current customers, I’ve only seen one or two uptime graphs which were pretty neat, but this doesn’t show the time required to parse PHP or handle MySQL in any way. I was wondering about that too as DreamHost is a big host but doesn’t clearly state how many websites are hosted per server.

If anyone could help me out on this one I’d be more than glad to read it, thanks in advance.

Yes, each domain (or sub-domain) hosted at DreamHost has its own publicly accessible web-directory, mailboxes etc. and each is independent of the others.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I have been very happy with the overall speed and uptime since I have been with DreamHost. The few outages I do notice are very short in duration and my sites are generally back up before I can lodge a support request.

One thing worth noting; At DreamHost your MySQL databases will not be on the same physical server as your website, this can cause a little extra latency, but this doesn’t appear to noticeably affect the speed of my sites.


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I run about 6 MYSQL driven sites including 3 Wordpress sites and a XMB Forum. All sites stay fairly active and load times are only slightly higher with Dreamhost than other providers I have dealt with. This is only due to the fact that the MYSQL servers are not on the same box. (Which in my opinion is good because it keeps the web hosting servers from being bogged down.)

I host about 17 domains now and have been with 6-7 hosts in the past. I won’t ever leave Dreamhost.

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That’s what i was thinking few times before also.
So i never say never.

But today, i stay with DH :slight_smile:

For downtime, it’s ok for me.

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I think you have got enough informations.

Yes, each domain or subdomain is in one folder which is controlled by one user. This is convenient to control the files for different domains.

We do not know how many websites are hosted per server. But so far we are ok with the speed. Just remember this is a shared server, the speed may vary sometime. but it is enough for us. If you are serious with the speed, DH also provides dedicated server.

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Domains per server estimates vary. It’s in the wiki FAQ somewhere. Something like 800-1000 on average, but basically just the right combination on each server to keep them percolating optimally. :wink: Not too many, not too few; just right. Most of the time.

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