Hosting Multiple Domains With DH?

So just as the subject says, I want to host multiple domains with DH. Right now I have 2 I have tried to get going. One works well The other does not seem to be hosted by DH yet, but still under my old hoster who is closing my account soon. I did, however, change the DNS to each of the above domains over 5 days ago at their domain registrant (not DH) to:

Let me know gang! Thanks.

I can see it, and your whois has etc. listed

I am also seeing both domains pointing to DH. You should try clearing out the cache for your web browser and viewing the site again. Hopefully that will fix your problem.

–Matttail - personal website

Thx for chiming in. I think it is ok, the only thing throwing me off is the fact that my now previous hosting companies symbol shows up next to the url in the address bar.

I realise that this is probably just a simple typo, but for the benefit of others who may read this thread in the future, the name servers should be…


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