Hosting multi-language forum

Greetings. I’ve been in IT for 13+ years but when it comes to web design I am just starting.

On Dreamhost can I host a multi-language forum? Actually I just want to host Japanese & English.

If so where can I learn more about doing this? I already have a domain with Dreamhost but I have yet to make a welcome page. At the same time I want to learn PHP & also build a forum where people (family & friends mainly) can post in Japanese & English.

Thanks for your help!


It’s not up to DH if you want multi-lingual web site :stuck_out_tongue:

You will need to change the headers in the top of your HTML files though.
Try some of these links (quick searc on google)

phpbb has a japanese language pack if I’m not mistaken. As for content management systems I’m not sure. You might want to make your own.

On a side-note. What’s your site going to be about? I’m interested in Japanese/Japan.

Some discussion of multilingual Web authoring issues:

– Dan


Thanks for the links. I’ll read through them. I’m a n00b when it comes doing my own webpage design so ontop of understanding the details of making a Japanese/English BB, I need to design the basic homepage too.

The site will be for family & friends — kind of like not using Yahoo Groups & not having to send out too much E-Mails to family/friends that is of the one-to-many kind.

So, what part of Japan (culture, travel, cuisine, etc) are you interested?



Thanks for the link. I’ll read it along with the links provided by Decswxaqz.


Most of it. But mainly the technology. Kinda grew to like Sega as a child and that led me to want to work there. Trying to go for language study next year fingers crossed.

If you would like, I’ll help you create a bi-lingual news/content system.