Hosting MP3 files (LEGAL)

Figured I’d make that certain in my title, before I got a whole ton of complaints already.

One of my friends releases electronic music. He writes it, records, blah blah, then he gives it away for free.

Since I do not own the copyright for these files, is it alright for me to host these files for him?

I have permission - he actually wants a host that isn’t gonna kick him off for hosting MP3’s. I’m perfectly happy to do it for him, just wanted to know if its against DH policy. Thanks.

As long as he gives you the thumbs-up you’re fine :wink:

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To be super-safe, you might want to make the page look like it’s his, like clearly stating his copyright, and contact info for him. You might even consider having him register a domain that you can host for him. It’s only cost the additional $9.95/yr.


Always get your permission in writing. You may be the best of friends today, but what about a few years down the road right after he finds you with his wife?:slight_smile: Ok maybe that won’t happen, but the point is you have no knowledge of what your friendship will be down the road. Or God forbid something happens to him and passes away. His family has the right to sue you. Just cover your but, in the end its worth it.

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