Hosting more than one url...?

Hey, I’ve just recently set up a new website on dreamhost at I’ve also registered several other domains with dreamhost, and I’d like to be able to host the other urls using the same hosting space - is this possible using dreamhost? I don’t see a clear option to do this in the control panel… I noticed in my ftp program, there’s a folder, so is it possible if I create folders for the other urls to map them to these folders? and will they still show up as in their own domains? so if I, for example, have a folder, can I map to this folder, and have all the subfolders of that site read properly as etc. etc…?

Also, one odd thing I noticed is that in the “manage domains” section of the control panel, only and one of the other domains I’ve registered show up, even though I registered about 8 domains in total, at pretty much the same time, in the same way (except of course the hosted domain)

Anyway, if anyone can help clarify things for me I’d really appreciate it.

Ruairí Robinson

When you go to Manage Domains you can add your new domains and from there select the account owner and which directory the webpage will be hosted in. You can also forward one domain to another if you want them to use the same content, for more information check out the wiki or ask here if something doesn’t make sense -