Hosting .m4v, .mp4 in flash streaming

Hi, Instead of placing .flv’s up to the flash streaming server I want to place .mp4 and/or .mv4 so it works on IOS natively.

  1. Can I place these files on the dreamhost flash server? If so, How do I send the files up there?

  2. Is the flash streaming server RTMP or HTTP?

  3. If I can only do .flv is the automatic transcoding smart enough to transcode lossless if I submit a H.264/AAC source video file?



We don’t have a separate Flash streaming server. Our “Flash video converter” is just transcoding videos to H264 and (for historical reasons) storing the result in a .flv container.

If your source videos are already H264, and are an appropriate resolution, don’t use the Flash converter — just use the player (available at with your video files. The primary purpose of the Flash converter is to fix up videos which are in the wrong format, or the wrong resolution, for online use.