Hosting large multimedia files?


I’m attempting a Louie CK style buy-a-downloadable-copy of a video I created…

…and I’m hearing that my download speeds aren’t so great. I see 50kb/sec. One customer (err… my second customer out of 2) says 12kb/sec.

This is a 1GB file. Can’t imagine any CPU load involved. Even 50kb/sec is disappointing.

Now I’m using the ~$10/mo hosting solution so I know it is shared, and I was never sure if this was a good fit. But now that it appears to NOT be a good fit, what’s the next step up for BANDWIDTH?

It is already “unlimited”. And most of the DreamHost options I could switch to look like they would help with CPU loads, not bandwidth.

(I am considering hosting just the video file itself on Amazon S3/CloudFront… should I just take the video portion elsewhere and link to it from DreamHost?)

Thanks for any help,


This may not be of much help, but I suspect that the speed issue is external to dreamhost, as I recently downloaded a 233MB file from one of my sites and consistently hit ~2.0MB/Sec and I’m on the same $10/month hosting plan.


Ah I see I can hit ~800kb/sec right now (later at night).

Well that’s less scary. But I’d still like to offer decent download speeds all the time. It might not be DreamHost’s fault, but I’d still appreciate any suggestions for improvement.


The first place you should check is your ISP


Also, I would highly recommend converting the video to a smaller file size that will still provide the same video quality. Be careful though, there are a ton of video converters out there that come attached with spyware and other harmful bugs. It is best to stick with an established brand who produces reliable video conversion software. The previous link would be my recommendation, as they offer a ton of different file formats and should convert to something where you would be able to host on any ample PC.


For conversions you should look up ffmpeg no need for anything else…