Hosting .is domains at DH?

I need to host a bunch if .is domains. Can I do this using my DreamHost account?

The domains are already registered with ISNIC, but it appears that DH would have to register (for free) with ISNIC before I could specify DH’s name servers for .is domains.

Does anybody have any experience with hosting .is domains at DH? If DH staffers are reading this and DH is not yet registered with ISNIC, would you be willing to so register? (Again, the process should be free and straightforward, see links below.)

It would make it very difficult for me if I had to host .is domains somewhere other than my trusted host of choice. :wink:

Thanks a bunch,


Success: I am now hosting my first .is domain on DreamHost! Even though DreamHost is not explicitly listed on, all one has to do to host an ISNIC-registered domain at DreamHost is to specify ns{1-3} as the name servers.

Thanks, DreamHost! :slight_smile: