Hosting Indian Domain

forgive what might be an extremely rookie question

we have a four year old business that has a .com suffix (, hosted by dreamhost

now, while dreamhost doesn’t register sites other than .com, .org, .net, etc… wondering if they’ll host foreign country versions ( or

we are looking to basically duplicate our site with a few tweaks to reflect adjusted pricing for India, and maintain


  1. is this the easiest thing ever? register it somewhere reputable, and then tell dreamhost to host it?

  2. are there search engine issues with duplicate sites?

need some guidance here… unabashed rookie, in humble respect of the community wisdom

much thanks in advance

Disclaimer: I do not host any domains outside of DreamHost so I am relying on the wiki to answer your questions.

1a) You are correct, register with another registrar, then set the nameservers to point to

This will allow you to keep the registration elsewhere, but use DreamHost to manage the DNS records, and host your site!

Modifying your domain’s nameservers takes about 1-3 days to propagate across the entire Internet.

1b) Sign up for DreamHost hosting (assuming you don’t already have an account); in the sign-up form you will need to select the option that says that you already own the registration and you only want Hosting

1c) Add your domain here under Full hosting. And you are set!

  1. I don’t think so.


That page does not apply to your situation. There should be a wiki article for a setup like this. I think I’ll make one. Is there a page that already exists for this that I missed?

Please let us know if this worked well. If you have any other questions, just ask :slight_smile:

wow, thanks for the prompt and incredibly helpful reply

truly appreciated

Please note that I have edited my above post to add a little more detail.

Re question 2, I have heard that there is an issue with having the same content on two different addresses. I believe the way to avoid this is register the two names, but have one permanently redirect to the other. I think there are other ways as well such as hosting the first in a frame on the second…

Based on the original post, it looks like the two sites would not be exactly the same. If a site is exactly the same, the best practice is to mirror it via DNS. This can also be done via . So I do not think it will be an issue. However, SEO is not my area of expertise. Could someone shed light on this nuance?

i would think a DNS redirect and pages localized through PHP, serving static pages based on geolocation using .htaccess to detect language settings, or something similar would be better than making two sites with minimal differences… Just from a management point of view, isn’t it better to keep everything in one place if 95% is the same, and just use some technology to serve out localized pages (static or dynamic)?

Yes, that would be best. I have no idea how one would do it (.htaccess and I do not get along :stuck_out_tongue: ) My background is in system administration, not web development. Would you be able to provide a simple example for others?

Take a look here:
I’m just learning PHP, so I can’t tell you exactly how, but I know it can be done using PHP as well as using .htaccess to detect top level domains and using rewrite rules to serve content based on the top level domains.