Hosting in multiple locations

I am curious about something. Is it possible to host for a domain name with different hosting services around the world? So I would have dreamhost for USA, some hosting company for europe, another for asia. So if a user tries to access my site, they will connect to my geographically closer server for faster connections.

You’re looking for something called “High Availability” along with I suppose what would be considered a “Load Balancing” scheme (I forget the actual term for it atm). Such setups are typically quite expensive.

You could however, potentially setup a script that determines the user’s location (either by their selection or an automated process) and then re-directs them to one of the other servers.
You’d probably have to setup subdomains for each server (ie.,, etc), and you’d still require a central server to serve the initial page, but it’s a way around spending a lot more money than most people can afford for an HA setup.

There may be some companies out there that offer High Availability services, but again, I imagine those would be extremely expensive as the entire process is a bit complex.
A google search like this returns some interesting results you might consider reading up on.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Yes, it is called Load Balancing using clustering technology.

I don’t think you can set it up in DH. As Mousee stated, it is very expensive.

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