Hosting Expiration?

I don’t personally own a domain registered or hosted with dreamhost. However, my friend owns the domain I have a subdomain hosted on that domain, and this morning when I tried to access the site, it wasn’t there. I tried the main site, and I can’t access that either. I’ve tried looking the domain up in the register, but it says that it’s already been used. Is there any way for me to get the files of just my subdomain, or to find out if the hosting has expired? My friend, the actual owner of the domain, went missing back in November.

Any help on the situation?

The WHOIS entry for that domain looks like it’s not even hosted here. It says CP Hosting. I hope you have some semblance of a backup somewhere.


Just did a whois:

Record last updated on 12-Jan-2007.
Record expires on 15-Dec-2007.
Record created on 15-Dec-2005.

The domain expired two days ago.


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I don’t understand how it could expire two days ago. I was on the site last night and it was working just fine.

The only backup I have is from a few weeks ago. There is no way I could get a more recent backup?

Well, maybe your DNS server still had the domain name cached. That website was not hosted with Dreamhost anyway, if you need assistance you need to contact the right host, which is in your case but I’m afraid they won’t give out the data because you’re not the owner of the account.


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Alright. Thank you very much for your help guys.