Hosting existing Google Pages domain

Hi there,

I have searched and been unable to find the information I need.

I have an existing domain registered and hosted by Google Pages (technically domain is registered with ENOM). This domain already has e-mail and a number of other GoogleApps functionality setup and working.

QUESTION: If I fully host this Google Pages domain under DreamHost (via Add Domain in Manage Domains), what happens to my existing e-mail and Google Apps services (start page, docs, …)?

I tried doing something clever by using a URL FRAME Redirect to redirect from my nice web page address from Google to the actual web page which is hosted by Dreamhost. However, this has killed my Google indexing, I have not been able to use SiteMaps, I haven’t even been able to verify my web site ownership so that I can access the Google Webmaster troubleshooting tools).

SO, my current solution is to clean up the mess by having DreamHost host my primary clean domain (leaving the registration alone, keeping my existing Google email/Apps service live and functioning) and just setting up the web page there.

QUESTION: Reasonable approach? Has someone else done the same transition?

I cannot afford to have my webpage down for multiple days or to interrupt my gmail e-mail.

many thanks,