Hosting domain registered elsewhere

Sorry, I know this has been treated so many times before, but still I have not clear the right steps to follow.
I need to register a domain from a different registrar (it’s a .it TLD) but would like to host it with my Dreamhost account.
I went in the Dreamhost “Manage Domain” panel and created a new domain and set it as fully hosted.
After submitting the data, I receive the message:

and then I get a button with “Register mywebsitename now”.

At this point, am I forced to register the domain with Dreamhost or could I leave the panel as it is and go to the other registrar and proceed with the registration?

May someone help me with my doubt?
In other words, may I fully-host a website with a domain name registered externally (this should work with MySQL too…)
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I am not knowledgeable enough to be able to give you the specific steps to follow, but until someone comes along with more details I can tell you that I do have my domain registered with another registrar (Dotster) and hosted with DreamHost.

In my case I had my domain registered before I signed up to host it at DreamHost so I didn’t run into the “has not been registered yet” notice.

I’m guessing that you could leave the panel and go ahead and register with the other registrar, but if nobody comes along soon with a confirmation of that, you might create a trouble ticket with DH tech support to get a valid answer.

Good luck.

yes, you can go register it elsewhere. Once that is done the simplest method to host at dreamhost is to set the nameservers for the domain to, and which lets dreamhost manage the dns for the domain. Once you get the nameservers set just sit tight and wait for it to start working, don’t keep fiddling with it. DNS and nameserver changes take time to propagate and might take up to 72 hours (although most of the time it’s faster than that).

Thanks oldguy and LakeRat, now I feel much more comfortable and I’m going to register the new domain. So there’s nothing wrong in creating a new domain fully hosted in Dreamhost with the same name as the domain registered externally (In fact, that’s the way it works… Right?).
Thank you very much again for your support.


yes that’s the way it works… you have to add it on dreamhost as fully hosted to host it here. when you register it elsewhere and point the nameservers to dreamhost all should be good.

Perfect, LakeRat. Now it’s clear to me. I’ve registered the domain externally and waiting for the activation.
Thanks a lot for your helpful advice.


Can you please help me on below query.

My domain registered with DreamHost and hosted on GoDaddy. I am getting error" Error: We need an IP address for this nameserver." i have entered Godaddy server ip and nameserver not worked.

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I am not able to publish my dns records