Hosting Domain from another DreamHost account

I know I have seen this before on the forums but could not find the thread.

A client of mine has just registered a domain with DreamHost. I am going to host their website on a WordPress multisite I have; however, DreamHost will not let me add their domain because it is already in the DreamHost system.

I think this is to prevent some kind of fraud with the Promo system; however, in this case that would not be applicable since the person is not getting any kind of promotional deal, and no hosting. They just have one domain registered.

I guess I could log into their account and set an A Record for my VPS?

…first response from DH Support tells me that I will have to move my clients domain to my account. This seems like a ridiculous answer, since I could just as easily have had my client register her domain through GoDaddy and would already have everything working.

Lets see what happens…


…If you want to host your client’s domain on your account, you will need to move it to your account. Have you already tried deleting the domain from the Manage Domains page of your client’s web panel? If you don’t have a promo on your account, you should be able to add it to yours after it’s been deleted from your client’s account.

Does this mean I have to move the REGISTRATION for the domain to my account?
Nevermind. I got it.

So I just needed to delete the domain from her “Manage Domains” section. She can keep the registration on her account.
That is all I needed. THanks!!

Nope, hosting and registration are two separate services. You can host the domain on your account, while its registration is on your client’s account. You should just have to delete it from your client’s account before adding it to your Manage Domains page to host.

Per the wiki: “Note that you do not have to transfer the domain registration in order to proceed to transfer hosting.”

Exactly :slight_smile: You’re welcome!