Hosting Domain for a friend


I want to host a domain for a friend, and give her full access to her domain and the control panel… of her domain only…

is this possible?


Yes, for the most part. Check out Account Privileges in the panel:



Thank you for the help!


If your friend one day wants a account, then you made a mistake using yours now. She cannot transfer domains to new account and use promo code.


I think it’s important to remember that other than the “total control of your account” factor, it’s still a lot cheaper for his friend to pay zero dollars until she needs her own account.

If she can get by for one year, that’s $119.40 saved, which is better than any promo code.

OTOH, I do think it’s theoretically possible for extra free domains and such to add up to more than $119.40 since it’s up to $30 a year that you can save (or $60 a year in very extreme cases).

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I was about to ask the same question.

One thing that puzzles me: It doesn’t seem possible to give someone the ability to create their own databases unless you also give them access to all of your current databases, is that correct?


Right, which is why I said “for the most part.” Databases really aren’t tied to a domain; they’re tied to a database user. The owner can set up a few empty databases with generic names which the user can use when needed, or just create them on demand.

DreamHost really isn’t the best suited for resellers, but it’s workable.



A database, users and hostnames can only be created via the Control Panel.

However the database is only a container for tables so the ‘database’ need not have a specific name since you would enter the database name, along with other credentials, into the specific program requiring a database. Because a program called ‘Gallery’ needs a database it does not necessarily have to be called ‘gallery.db’. It could just as easily be called ‘tom.db’, ‘dick.db’ or ‘12345.db’.

So by using table prefixes you could run several programs out of one ‘database’. Of course when you have unlimited databases as with DH then in practice you maintain one database per program.

What all this means is that there is no reason why you could not prepare say 6 databases beforehand,for your friend, calling them one,two three or Apple,Pear Lemon and so on. You would also be able to create user/password/hostname credentials beforehand as well. Since new MySQL hostnames can require propagation time then by preparing your database collection early then any new hostnames would be ready for action.


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Thanks for the reply (and norm too). That’s what we’ve done - created an empty database for them, and we’ll create any more when they need them.