Hosting Domain Elsewhere - having problems with DNS settings

Hi there!

I’m testing out a friend’s server by setting up a DreamHost-registered domain there and so I need to alter the DNS settings for my DreamHost-registered domain name.

Situation: Domain registered through DreamHost (the account that registered for it is a fully-paid hosting account so there is access to the DNS settings, etc), hosting said domain elsewhere

I added the appropriate A name record and CNAME records as per this article here, but am having trouble adding in the nameserver information.

Both on the DNS page and on the Whois page where I can Set DNS info to host your domain elsewhere, they both ask for 2 NS entries (ns1, ns2, etc) at least and I only have one (with a confirmed IP address) to work with.

Because I only have 1 nameserver entry, the system won’t save the information (it says 2 are required) and when I look at the DNS settings page, after saving without adding the 2nd entry, the nameserver list keeps getting propagated with DreamHost’s nameservers.

Do I absolutely have to have 2 nameservers to work with (I’m testing out a friend’s server, and they only have 1 as far as I know when I checked the DNS records)?

Also, why does the nameserver list keep getting propagated with DreamHost’s nameserver settings even though on my Manage Domains page, it says that I am NOT Fully Hosted on DreamHost?

Please and thank you for any help!

If you’ve entered A and CNAME records with us, you’re done. Leave the nameservers alone — changing them will mean you have to enter those A and CNAME records somewhere else, which you probably don’t want.

… Oh right!


Thank you Andrew; I appreciate the really prompt reply! :slight_smile: