Hosting DNS Elsewhere


My friend has offered to host my website on his DreamHost managed webhosting account. I want to host my domain’s DNS elsewhere and still manage my own zone files without going through my friend’s DreamHost account, and just tell it to point to DreamHost’s IP’s. I do NOT want to set my domain’s nameservers to ns1/2/ since then I cannot manage my own zone files independently. However, neither myself or my friend can figure out how to just get the IP that would otherwise have my domain pointing to it to put into my own zone files.


Errr… it’s not really that difficult.
Just setup your domain name(s): Domains - Manage Domains - [Add New Domain / Sub-Domain]

Once that’s established, next to your domain name you should see a click-able “DNS” link. Click on that, scroll down and enter in the given IP’s into your external DNS provider’s records.

The only real downside to this, as I do the same thing, is that we don’t have static IP’s and therefore you’ll either need to re-modify the IP’s when/if they change, and/or you could write a script to monitor changes in the IP addresses and modify them for you.