's VPS ( does it have the Dreamhost CP)’s VPS price looks good, but I love Dreamhost control panel, does anybody here know about 's set up?

Unfortunately, the only way to use dreamhost features is to use their shared or dedicated ( ) hosting.

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While I have not personally used VPS services, according to their site, the Linux VPS service uses Webmin by default for administration.

I have used Webmin before and while it is not as easy to use as the DreamHost panel, it does give you GUI access to all the major configuration files you are likely to need and there are a large number of plug-ins available. All in all, it is a nice way to admin a server (or VPS).


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Well, we are new to but familiar with DH.

If you have any question about DH, you are in the right place. Otherwise, we can’t help too much.

mark, you are back.

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Holy crap their VPS services are expensive!
I suppose they have a built in panel to be fancy, but you’re really getting nothing out of it.
Let’s consider, for instance, that you’re getting EXACTLY what you pay for out of this VPS service. Dedicated RAM and disk space are both exact - meaning there is no swappable or burst-able memory. With 8gig of space, you’re not left with many options either., in my opinion, would be a much better solution… though you’re still limited to exactly what you purchase, as least they offer a wider variety of options at a much cheaper price.

Just an option though, as I personally find’s VPS prices laughable at best.

I don’t think their Linux VPS price is too expensive, sure the disk space provided may not be adequate for all people, but for many others it would be more than enough. The ‘value’ of the deal really depends on what the purchaser has in mind for the service.

:slight_smile: I didn’t really go anywhere, I have just been a little busy lately.


Save [color=#CC0000]$50[/color] on DreamHost plans using [color=#CC0000]PRICESLASH[/color] promo code (Click for DreamHost promo code details) does look a little overpriced for what you get. I would also be wary of buying a Linux based system from what looks like a primarily Windows-oriented company.

There are better options out there. I’m quite happy with the VPS I have from Rimuhosting. They offer better plans at better prices, and let you choose from four different Linux distributions. TextDrive has container hosting based on Solaris 10 Zones, which is a slightly different approach to virtual servers. They’re currently more expensive, but they’ve been promising lower priced options soon, so I’m keeping my eye on them.

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