Hi I have a domain called, I would like to move it to dream host, however i noticed that it says I cant why is that?

Who said that? People who want to host face the same problem I think you face. I just can’t find old posts on this at the moment.

It went something like: You first have to create a domain called which you won’t use, but it’ll open up the .co domain for you. Then create your domain.

There was some other issue mentioned here:


You can host your content with DreamHost just fine as sdayman said. If you’re looking to use DreamHost as a registrar for your domain however, you cannot as they don’t support most tld’s.

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Ok, so as a layman how do I fix this exactly?

The domain is already hosted, I just need to host the content with DreamHost. How do I do that? Because on the transfer domain it says only .com .net .info and something else.

What sdayman is saying is that to set up hosting for this domain you must first log into the Panel > domains > manage domains. Add a new domain Fully host this domain. Now add an other domain/sub-domain At this point I believe you can remove from your hosted domain list (but I might be wrong on this point).

The reason you have to do this, is is technically the sub-domain of - and with the DH system you have to add the main domian first before you can add a sub-domain. This stems from an American way of thinking, as domains here go like so before you can add you’ve got to put into their system. I understand that this isn’t exactly the situation with your domain in question - but that’s what it looks like to the automated system.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: after reading your above post, I understand we’re talking about different things. You can not register that domain with Dreamhost. You can however host it with Dreamhost. You will need to update your registrar to point the domain to DH - by chaning the name servers to ns2… and ns3…

Registering a domain means you own the name and can point traffic to a specific server for content.

Hosting a domains means you’re paying for space on a server to deliver your content to visitors.

Does that make sense now?

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I’m going to restate your problem to make sure that I understand it:
You’ve already registered your domain. You would like to host it at dreamhost.

register ~= sign up and pay to own/lease the domain name
host ~= set up files on a publicly visible web server so people can visit your page in a web browser

The problem that you may run into is that DreamHost’s domain management system doesn’t do so good at hosting third-level-domains unless you also own the second-level-domain. So you may run into trouble trying to host at dreamhost because the domain management software will make you add before you can add This is obviously problematic since it will really only work for the first person who tries to host

I would contact support with your question. It really is something that they should fix. We know it’s theoretically possible because you can add hosting for an subdomain.

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OK guys, I just added my domain to my dreamhost account, so here is how it works. You cannot use the reg. transfer or the register menus as Dreamhost can only register .com, .net, or .info. If you want to use a domain you need to use an external registrar. StreetCrew has already registered the domain so he has a domain registrar which supports
What you need to do StreetCrew, and follow this order:

  1. Go into your dreamhost panel and click on Domains/Manage Domains
  2. Click on Add New Domain / Sub Domain
  3. Wait a day (not really required but just in case the Dreamhost name servers need some time to act authoratively for your domain.
  4. Once the Dreamhost name servers are acting authoratatively for your domain, you can then request a name server change with your registrar.

If you are registering a new then be sure to add it to your Dreamhost before sending the registration to your registrar, or you wil get an error saying that the registrar is not acting authoratatively for your domain.

In no way does dreamhost hold your domain, they just receive requests for files. ie. have authority.

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Cool! It sounds like DreamHost fixed the problem with hosting third level domains!

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