Hosting Bittorrent Seeder, NOT Tracker!

I am curious about hosting a bittorrent seed for a large file. I am NOT interested in setting up a full tracker, torrents would be posted elsewhere. I simply want to off load the seeding from my home computer to a setup on my account here at DreamHost. Does anyone know how to go about setting up a bittorrent client this way?

There is an important issue relating to hosting a “seed” on DreamHost that you have not addressed, and that is the nature of the “seed”. If the “seed” contains copyrighted material that you do not have legal right to distribute you will be in violation of our Terms of Service for making it available, and your account will be subject to immediate disablement without refund.

This makes the rest of your question moot.

… and yes, that applies to the several seeds of “Myst” I saw earlier on your site.

–DreamHost Tech Support

I would so avoid hosting anything to do with Bittorrent here. Sure, there are very legitimate uses of it, but I don’t need the unwanted scrutiny and risk of having my account shut down.