Hosting at dreamhost vs


i have six domains registered at dreamhost, now i’m considering mapping them to websites I’ve created on

however, wordpress charge $13/year for mapping each domain. estimate total $78/year.

another option would be to purchase hosting from dreamhost and install the wordpress app at my dreamhost account (also switching from to

however, i’m a little confused by dreamhost hosting plans, and have no idea which would be most suitable, and how much would this cost?

note: the sites are all simple pages, low on graphics, zero AV content, and mostly carrying text.

circa $10/month will cover all six (cost is less for the first year if using a promocode).


  • thanks for info.
    btw - which hosting package are you referring to?

Regular DreamHost Shared plan (like I use).

Also you can use the dreamhost one-click installer to install wordpress. Same as d/l from, there is no need to d/l from and upload the files to dreamhost for a self install.