Hosting another domain


I have one domain hosted here and it is great. I intend to switch a domain of my friend’s company to be hosted here too but I would like to know if I can set up E-MAIL for the second domain?



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I have changed the DNS server of the web address to Using lookup service, the address give the Name Server to dreamhost NS already.
In the Control Panel, I also already specify a folder for the address.But when I access the address from Web Browser, it gives only the Index of.

What else do I need to do.I saw this in the Manage Domain section: To modify your domain’s whois information, please visit the registrar you registered with (looks like it’s not us!) .


If you are seeing Index of/, it probably means you need to upload the website to Dreamhost via FTP, once you have uploaded it to the directory that domain name uses you should see the website instead of a directory listing. This is of course simplified answer, I don’t know what the requirements of your friend’s site are so there may be more to it.

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I did not FTP any file. I COPY some file from the FISRT domain hosted here to a new folder. So there are files in it.