Hosting and transferring site and content

The support wiki is very thin on transferring the domain name and hosting from DW to another host and DNS. Help please

it would be the same as transferring from another host to DH, just reverse it.

Hi bobocat,
thank you for getting back to me. I’ve looked at those and the support materials. Ever so confusing. Isn’t there just one place where they tell you how?
I wish there was phone and/or chat support (well I just found chat – I had looked for a long time over the last few days to no avail). I really miss those features from other hosts I have.

This is about all I see:

“Transfer a domain registration away from DreamHost on “meadow’s Account”:
You currently have no pending outgoing registration transfers on this account.
To initiate a transfer away, please just contact your new registrar!”

Not much info.

Other than that, can you give me the URL demonstrating/giving info on the process. Just going to the wiki page: and doing a reverse, well, deciphering that is really frustrating and again not especially clear.

Sorry for the bad feelings on my part but I am really perplexed and had hoped it would be a lot easier.

thank you for your patience