Hosting and multiple users

Hi all !

I have my own company, and make my customers register themselves at DH and give me rights to their account (See How do I grant another person administrative privileges for my account?).

Now, I’m running a Rails application in production mode, and I can’t kill the FastCGI processes - they are running under my customer’s user. ps -A and ps -G [i]group_id[/i] always return only my own processes.

I could always ask the customer for his password, but I feel this is unprofessionnal. I tried changing the user under which the CGI runs under, but Rails won’t start using my ID - I always get an Application Error - probably a permission issue.

Anyone has any tips on what I should do ? Specifically what should I change so that the app runs under my user, instead of the customer’s.

Thanks in advance !

Change your policy/procedure to allow you the ability to do everything you need to do!

Not trying to be facetious, that’s an honest answer :slight_smile:


Customer’s should trust their host.
That’s called a good customer/business relationship.

$0.02 :slight_smile: