Hosting an application service

Hey, all.

I’m aware that Dreamhost has a clause in its EULA to prevent abuse of the unlimited data in the form of file hosting and sharing sites, et cetera. I know at least once a site has been taken down for allowing video uploads.

What I’m up to is making a free online game that involves the uploading and sharing of bits of data which are about 100-500 kilobytes apiece (similar to image-sized) and I’m considering moving the resource management from a dedicated application server to Dreamhost’s HTTP service.

Essentially users would download these items at a slowish rate and occasionally upload one through HTTP transactions initiated by my game’s binary. The ‘items’ themselves are bits of user-drawn art that compose the world the users play in. They’re in a unique serialized format.

Even if I don’t do this, I would like to have a delayed-download system where the game’s music (creative commons in ogg format) is downloaded to the clients from the server. I don’t imagine this to be as much of a problem, as it’s hardly different from hosting and linking to the files conventionally.

I expect the game itself to have no more than 100 simultaneous users at any given time.

Thanks in advance for any help.