Hosting Advice (Moving from GoDaddy)


I run a website (k i l t s .com) and my current hosting (Godaddy) seems to be very slow, which is affecting my SEO ranking in Google (according to

I use a paid GoDaddy hosting solution and I pay for the Level 3 add on.

I’ve messaged Godaddy and they have said I would benefit from the Premium Business Hosting, which is $40/month. I’m not so sure if this represents value for money, especially when I see such poor speeds with Godaddy at the moment.

Can someone recommend which Dreamhost package would be most suitable for my needs?

Kick ass URL!

Ranking for a generic word like kilts is going to be very hard, as it’s inundated by similar sites. That said, I didn’t find your site super-slow when accessing from my mediocre home network.

I did notice you’re using an auto-optimize plugin - - and paradoxically that may be WHY it’s slow. Not all cache plugins work equally well on all server setups. Sometimes generating those auto-optimized files can be slower than just letting a page load, depending on how much JS and CSS you’re using in your theme and other plugins.

I would recommend, if you came to DreamHost, to start on our DreamPress platform. It’s half the price of GoDaddy’s Premium Business and comes with built in Varnish and Memcached server caching.

The answer to your question is very dependent on how the site is built, what plugins are being used.

Since you gave us a domain name tho I was able to visit and determined

  • Your site is built on Wordpress
  • Using woocommerce
  • Heavy on graphics

I would recommend Dreampress because it’s fully managed. You get the ability at this level to contact support and report “fix my site, it’s slow.” … (Of course not that generically… you would need to say something like here are test results that indicate ___ what can we do to improve that)

If on the other hand you have expert status on wordpress and plugin management, you might utilize a standard VPS. (Most people really don’t have this level of expertise even when they think they do.)

I would not recommend shared hosting for any site utilizing woocommerce. (although those do exist).

Thanks for the advice.

I have a few Wordpress websites that I’d like to put on the same hosting (not big sites). Can you add multiple sites to Dreampress, or can you only use it for one website? Also, is there a money back guarantee?

Just to say, my main site here is around 60GB in size.

DreamPress is for one domain only. From the docs:

DreamPress is a one-site service in that a single plan covers a single domain with a single WordPress installation

If the other sites are small, you may put them on shared hosting (it all depends on how ‘small’ we’re talking about.) Or you can buy extra DreamPress instances at a discounted rate.

Not for DreamPress. Quoting another doc:

DreamHost does not offer refunds for DreamPress, Dedicated server, or VPS (private server) hosting fees. The 97-day money back guarantee only applies to shared hosting plans. View the ‘Terms of Service’ for further details.