Hosting a weebly designed website


Hello, I have purchased my domain from you. I have built my website on I need you to point my domain to the following IP:

This is done by changing my domain’s A-Records. I am not requesting that you transfer my domain, redirect my domain, or change my name servers. I want to remain with you as my domain registrar.
My account #: 2055740
Thank you

Site Temporarily Unavailable

You need to do this yourself on the manage domains page in the panel. If your domain is already listed there edit it to make it DNS only. If it’s not listed there yet use the button at the top of the page to add it, again DNS only.

After it’s listed there, click the DNS link below the domain name and add an A record with the value being that IP address.

Next step is wait. DNS changes don’t happen very quickly, usually 4-8 hours but maybe even a little longer. Since there appears to be no A record at all for that domain right now, it may happen much faster in this case. Just be patient and don’t keep changing things because you’re not seeing the weebly site come up right away under your domain name.


It looks like you added the custom DNS records successfully, but you still need to modify your hosting from Fully Hosted to DNS Only, as your domain is resolving from both IP addresses now:

To change to DNS Only, head to your Manage Domains page, and click “Edit” under “Web Hosting”. On the next page, scroll down to the DNS Only section and hit “Host DNS Only!” to save your changes. Give time for DNS to propagate as LakeRat mentioned, and you should be good to go.