Hosting a subdomain only

I want to host only the subdomain of my site.

Where do I put my files and how/where do I direct this subdomain to in the DNS records?

You host a sub-domain just like you would any other domain. Just go manage domains on the control panel and add it to be fully hosted. once you do, when you log in you will see the sub-domain folder and that is where you would put your files.

Great, then where do I direct the DNS records?

Once your domain shows “Fully hosted” on the manage domains page, click the DNS button just below the domain name, after tha page loads it will show you the entries that dreamhost generates automatically internally. The first address will be an A-record, that is the IP you need.

Note: if you host multiple domains and/or sub-domains on a shared server do not assume the IP is the same, shared servers have many IPs.

I need your help
I need to change DNS on my page that is hosted on Wordpress

You really haven’t given us enough information for anyone to help.

Did you mean you have a domain hosted on and now you want to host it at dreamhost instead? If so, what is the domain name? We can learn a lot from the public records of the domain, and give you better help.