Hosting a subdomain, keeping DNS and www intact


totally newbie here, I have a question about hosting only a subdomain here.
I own a domain, say, which DNS is hosted somewhere and main site is hosted elsewhere.

To host a mirror of current web here for testing, I am trying to set-up and yet to succeed.

First, tried Manage Domains->Add New Domain/Sub-Domain and to create and resulted ‘Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission to add to’

OK, so did the same thing for the root domain and succeeded. But when I look into the DNS records:
Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for
Record ( zone) Type Value
ftp A
www A

No, this is not acceptable. I’m not going to change the addresses of current ftp and www.
Since I’m not changing SOA and NS records of current registrar and DNS, I know these records do not affect most of the internet, but I wonder about the outcome when digging the hostname inside Dreamhost.

So, the questions are:

  1. What is the normal way to add a sub-domain in such a situation?
  2. If the process above is OK, are there any side-effects by the bogus records hosted at ns*

Thank you all in advance.

  1. Your approach is the right way to add a subdomain. I’ve not had to use such an approach, but have you tried adding a subdomain, and then removing the domain? Perhaps that will delete the unwanted A records.

  2. The only side effects of the NS and A records is that you won’t be able to reach your externally hosted domain from within DreamHost. However, if you can delete the above mentioned A records, this should no longer be a problem.



[quote]and then removing the domain? Perhaps that will delete the unwanted A records.


It worked! Thank you!

After adding ‘’ and then deleting ‘Web Hosting’ of ‘’ produced following output:
dh A 67.*..***
ftp.dh A 67.*..***
www.dh A 67.*..***

This is what I want. Although the procedure doesn’t seem to be straight forward enough, I should have noticed.
Well, as another story I have to consider how to work around unexpected IP address changes, using CNAME or zone delegation, I have enought time to think about them. So it’s OK for now.

Thank you again for your quick and prompt advice.