Hosting a subdomain from someone else

At my request, the owner of a certain domain has added a subdomain for me. He added a DNS entry, pointing it to the IP of the Dreamhost server that I’m parked on.

I can’t add the subdomain in my website control panel, however.

I’m a bit of a newbie with the whole domain thing (sad, I know). Is there a way I can set this subdomain up in my control panel? if not, would I have to have the owner of the domain add some NS entries for my subdomain? I have never tried hosting subdomains over multiple servers, and honestly I have no clue how such a setup works.


There is a “tricky” little workaround for what you are trying to do.

First, add “hosting” for the actual domain (even though you are not hosting it on DH). The domain’s owner’s DNS records will not be pointing to DH, so no harm is done.)

Then, add the subdomain to your account via the panel (it should now take it without problem).

Mark (Raz2133) has a good “step by step” on this in another thread (you might also find the rest of that thread useful :wink: ).


I am not sure that thread is the one you intended to link to. :wink:

I think the thread linked below is probably more related to the OP’s issue.

Note: In this thread ‘’ is used to refer to the parent domain, which is not hosted at DreamHost, while ‘’ refers to the sub-domain, which is to be hosted at DreamHost.

Also, to the OP; I notice that you said that the domain owner has created a DNS record pointing to your DreamHost server IP address. This IP address is unlikely to be the one you need. At DreamHost, IP addresses are assigned from a pool of addresses and the domains and sub-domains that you add to the system are not guaranteed to share the same IP address. The thread linked above shows how to obtain the correct IP address for your sub-domain.


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Yikes! :open_mouth: You are absolutely correct with that! Thanks for the good catch (I’m not sure how I borked that, but I supposes my clipboard “burped”).

That thread you posted is the thread I thought I was posting (doh!)


For neatness, don’t forget to delete hosting for the domain (which you’re not hosting). Don’t delete the domain, delete the hosting. There’s a “Delete” button in the Manage Domains panel under the column “Web Hosting”.

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No problem, I think we have all had moments like that, mine usually happen in the early morning, before I’ve had my caffeine fix. :wink:


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Wow, what fast responses! It works now, thanks all for the help. :slight_smile:

Is this procedure documented on the support wiki? I think it’d make a worthy article.