Hosting a screencaps site?


I was wondering if I want to host a screencaps site, if it is possible/allowed on DreamHost. This site involves a lot of screencaps/pictures and use of disk space. This is not an usage of storage and backup purpose. Everything is for viewers only.

I have been looking for a good host for quite some time now. I have bad experiences with my previous hosts because of this problem.

Like this:
“You can not use the space provided to you under our hosting accounts for storage/backup purposes.”. Unfortunately, your disk space usage is still outside what we consider to be a normal, and you will need to remove additional files.


Hosting space … is limited to Web files, e-mail and content of the hosted Web sites, not for storage of media and other data. Hosting space may not be used as offsite storage for electronic files or for third party electronic mail or FTP hosts.

I didn’t even use it as storage purpose. Nor have I uploaded any media/video. It’s mainly a huge gallery/pictures site for visitors to view it.

Could anyone help me?

so long as there is nothing illegal about the images (i.e no kiddie porn) and would fall into the realm of fair use I don’t see why it would be a problem so long as each image was actually tied to a web page of some sort and as far as storage you get unlimited space and I think 50GB you would be able to use for storage purposes anyway (so long as it was inaccessible and people weren’t downloading it from your server and you were not infringing on someone else’s copyrighted works…)

Take a close look at the “Unlimited Policy” to better understand the issues with this:


Also note that the 50 GB of “backp” storage mentioned is not provided on your webserver at all, but rather on a “backup” machine using a special “backups” user, and there is no “web” or http access to this space. :wink:

It sounds like all of the content is there to be viewed on his website, so I see no issue about the usage of storage.

The only potential issue is about the images themselves. I don’t know if they’d fall under any copyright issues, but I’ve not heard of any issues with sites that host walkthroughs and other uses of screencaps. You’d probably have to contact to get a firm answer.