Hosting a non-DH registered domain

I have a domain registered by another company, is it possible to host the site on my DH account, or will I need to transfer the domain to Dreamhost?

You need to just change the nameservers on the domain to and Then just add the domain under manage domains.

It takes a little while to become active.

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Thanks for that.

But, does that mean email would also then be directed to Dreamhost as well?

The full details are as follows:

I have a web-app I have created on my dreamhost account. I have someone who has their own domain registered and wants to have their domain point to my application (they have no website currently), but they already use the domain for emails.

When you say that you created your webapp “on your dreamhost account”, do you mean that you already have a domain that you created a website for? Do you just want to redirect his domain to your domain? Or do you want to host his domain on your dreamhost account and then install your webapp there as well?

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after you have a hosting package in DH, you can set up an email server.

You can use your original email server or use DH’s. To set up email server in DH, just check DH panel --> Mail --> Manage Mail.

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So i have an web-app running on

A friend has a domain registered -

ideally i just want to point to site that currently is at

They already using emails for the domain, so ideally I just want to redirect the web stuff, and leave the email under their control.

If you want to keep, you can just set up hosting for and either redirect or do a dreamhost-style mirror of

If you don’t want to keep, you can add hosting for and point it to the web directory you already have for You can then delete the domain

Regarding DNS setup you can either use the current dns setup and point to IP of the appropriate dreamhost server or you can us the dreamhost nameservers and set up a custom MX record pointing back to your friend’s mail server. The latter has the benefit of avoiding having to change the IP in the DNS record should DreamHost ever move you to a different IP address.

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Here is the wiki I found on this pretty solid.

This helped me out cause it included the ip’s and the ns details. :slight_smile: