Hosting a foreign Domain Name with Dreamhost


I have registered/purchased a foreign domain name and I want DreamHost to host the domain name. What are the names of the primary and secondary nameservers and ip addresses that are used for hosting a foreign domain name? I have referred DreamHost to my domain name, but my foreign register needs the name servers.



I have used these nameservers w/ the associated ip addresses but still when I type my domain name into the address bar it comes back as “webpage not found” “The connection to XXX was interrupted.” “Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.”

I’m pretty sure that the nameservers listed in DreamHosts Wiki are just used for US based registered domain names. I’m trying to use a foreign based registered domain name.

I’m very new at this, sorry if the answer is easier than I’m making it out to be.



Definitely not so. First it wouldn’t make any sense for such a restriction to exist, and secondly I have several “foreign” domain names using Dreamhost nameservers.

Do a whois of your domain name and check that the Dreamhost nameservers are listed. For instance doing a whois on my .nl domain shows this (amongst other things):

[quote]Domain nameservers:


Okay I have done a WhoIs for my Domain name and yes Dreamhost is listed:

Servidores de nombre (Domain servers): ( ( (

I’m afraid my boss is gonna crack my “walnuts” if I don’t get this webpage hosting figured out by the end of this weekend.



how about telling us your domain name.


My domain name is:
IP address:

I have a hunch that what is happening is that the registrar of my domain name, wants me to input one primary server name and then has space for more secondary server names.

Primary Name Server

Server Name:
IP number:

Server (s) Secondary Name (s)

Server Name:
IP number:

Server Name:
IP number:

This is the information I have typed in and I think that I only need to have the name server in place otherwise having multiple references to dreamhost servers is having an adverse affect on my domain name

Thanks for the help,


No. You need to have all 3 nameservers (at the very least 2 but 3 is better).

Your nameserver settings look good (well what whois returns to me). Your problem is somewhere else. Probably you have not set up your server correctly via de dreamhost panel.

If I ping your domain it points to:

Here’s the output of “dig”, it shows your webserver to be at, which is the url above (

When you set up a website for your domain on Dreamhost, it should automatically update the A entry for to point to the dreamhost webserver that hosts your site.

Really from the looks of it your problem is not related to nameservers, you’ve just not set up a website properly via Dreamhost.


I believe you are correct, I have already created a “A” type custom DNS record on DreamHost panel: A
as per the WIKI page.

When I type in into my address bar, it kicks back to me that the connection was interrupted, I use Google Chrome.
Since I do not have any physical website designed at this point, should it not at least say say the webaddress on the page? Sorry if these questions seem stupid, but I have no experience with this at all.

What else could I be doing wrong? Thanks again for the troubleshooting help.



Quite evidently your website isn’t running on the machine at

Why are you editing DNS records manually?

There is no need for that. When you set up a website via de Dreamhost panel, it’s done for you.

Maybe I don’t understand what you are trying to do.


I am not sure what I’m trying to do either, since I’m having DreamHost host a website that is registered in a foreign domain, I thought I had to manually create an A type referral, that tells Dreamhost to look at said ip address in order to link the two together.

It would not surprise if you tell me I do not in fact need to have a manually created A type referral and this might be the #1 problem I am having right now.



If you are wanting to host the domain at dreamhost don’t create any A-record, just go to Manage Domains in the panel and add the domain as ‘fully hosted’. Dreamhost will create all the DNS records that you need automatically. If this is the case you should in fact delete the A record you have created before setting the domain to ‘fully hosted’

The only time you really need to create your own A record is when you are wishing to point a domain or sub-domain to an IP address outside of dreamhost.


Yes, stop mucking about trying to edit DNS records yourself. You have to know exactly what you are doing to edit that yourself. Undo what you added yourself, then just set up a user and website via the panel for your domain and Dreamhost will do the rest for you.


Okay I have deleted the A-type DNS record I created.
Sorry to be a complete newbie here but I don’t understand what you mean by: “set up a user and website via the panel for your domain”?



What Lakerat described above.
Go to

If your domain isn’t listed yet click: “Add New Domain”.

If your domain is listed, click on “Add” or “Edit” in the column “web hosting”.

Then follow the instructions for “Fully Hosted”.


Thanks so much for your help I have gone ahead and done this now, I hope this works, I know it can take up tow 48hrs for this to propagate across the Internet. I have clicked the button to force an update through dreamhost.