Hosting a domain that is on a seperate account

Hey, my friend signed up for a domain with no hosting package with dreamhost, and wants to host it on my dreamhost hosting package.

I added the domain to the manage domain part of my hosting package, but i can’t log into the ftp for it or anything, how do i get it to work? I assume the nameservers are already set to dreamhost.

You will need to contact DreamHost support and have them transfer the domain between the two DreamHost accounts.

DreamHost does impose restrictions on such transfers if either account was created using a promo-code, but since your friends account is a ‘domain only’ account, I can’t see you having too many problems.


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may try checking at: then check to make sure your domain is pointed at the correct nameservers.

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The domain is set to the correct nameservers, im going to take Raz’s advice and get the domain transfered to the other account.

Thanks for the help!

be aware that there will be a downtime during transferring

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