Hosting a domain name registered elsewhere

Sorry if this is a dumb question/has been answered elsewhere. I’ve looked at a few "how-to"s and FAQs, and nothing has helped much.

On Wednesday I signed on for hosting with DH. I took one free domain name (a .com), but the one I want for real is a .ca, so I bought that elsewhere ( Once I had that name registered, I followed DH’s instructions to set the name servers and IP addresses to, ns2…, etc. There’s no space on i-guru for ns3.

Then, in my DH control panel, under manage domains I added the dn with “add new domain”, and set it to be fully hosted (extra web security on, and the web directory is set to the .com directory that holds the files for the .com site, since I want the .ca dn to show the same content, but with .ca as the URL).

Have I done everything I need to for the .ca domain to “find” my content at DH? So far the .ca domain is just 404, and I’m wondering if that’s because I’ve set it up wrong, or because the registrar hasn’t approved it yet, or it hasn’t propagated yet. If what I’ve done is correct, then I guess I’ll just try to be a bit more patient. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have done everything required, and are most likely just in the “waiting period” for DNS to update across the web…I’d just be patient for now, DNS updating can take 48 hours (or more). :wink:


Thanks rl. I think I’ve done everything, too, but didn’t want to wait days and days only to discover that I’ve missed a step.

I think you’ve given detailed instructions on how to host domain in DH.

You can upload the instructions to wiki :wink:

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