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Hi, everyone! I’m new :smiley:

I’m not quite a beginner, but I’m not quite an expert, either. I’m somewhere in the lower end of that spectrum, mostly from having played around a bit.

Let me give some background information. I started with HG and it turned into…well. A fiasco, let’s just say…that led to me cancelling and moving my website to DH. Everything went fine in the domain transfer. Today, I’ve been trying to upload my website to the domain and ran into some issues.

So, the backup HG gave me turned out to be the full Cpanel backup. This I didn’t discover until well after I had uploaded it, panicked, attempted to delete everything, and then deleted too much and promptly broke everything LOL.

(thank you 1000 times to Stephanie in support who saved my rear end.)

So fast forward to now. The website is uploaded–hooray! It is working. However, because it was made with HG’s website builder, I can’t exactly just log in and edit it, you know? It appears to be a Wordpress install upon scrutiny, but I get a “database not found” when I try to hit wp-admin.

Now, to complicate matters, there was an old, secondary Wordpress install on the backup that wasn’t in use.

What a mess, right? lol.

So what I’m trying to do is:

  • Determine what sort of website the website builder produced, and where it is on the directory exactly
  • Whether or not it IS a Wordpress directory, and if it is, how I can fix the database so that it connects (I have the database backup as well separately).
  • Whether I should just give up and start over
  • How I can go about editing the content on a regular basis when needed

All thoughts and opinions allowed, even those telling me to start over lol.

I’ll leave the website info here. Do be aware that 95% of what’s on it is only placeholder, so please don’t judge me for my lorems and ipsums lol.

I am happy to take on the challenge if it can be done!

welcome to DreamHost MandieC!

I have no idea what Hostgator gave you so please bear with me as I try to guess things below and hopefully give you enough suggestions for you to figure out your next steps :slight_smile:

If I were you, I would try to ssh (or sftp) into your account and figure things out: usually WordPress installations are quite recognizable because of the directories named wp-$something :slight_smile:

Docs on how to ssh into your server:

thanks for sharing the URL of your site. I gave a quick look at it and I have the impression that’s not WordPress but static html files. To confirm this theory, ssh into your server, check the content of the folder called (hopefully) and see what’s in there. My bet is that you’ll see an index.html and subfolder called pricing/ about/ contact/ etc.

How married are you to the design of your current site? How familiar are you with WordPress? If you’re not married to that design and you are familiar/willing to get familiar with WP, then I’d say start over.

You may want to give a look at DreamHost Remixer, too but know that it only supports one web page per domain a the moment (you can create sub-domains and link them though).

hope this helps!