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hi everyone, i’m new and not sure yet… whether that hosting good or not… i want to see how dreamhost hosted sites work, please, mates, give me your sites links please, so i could see i need ^:


Keep in mind that all web sites are not created equal. In that the designer may be good or bad at designing. What I like about dreamhost, is the amount of freedom they give you in designing a website.
You are more than welcome to look mine over as long as you are not a web spammer. :slight_smile:
I am just learning some of the different programming languages for the web, so odds are it will show it. The pages make use of php, javascript, mysql databases, html, css, Quicktime video streaming, a few free programs for a guestbook, forum, instant messaging, and a wiki.


You’re welcome to check out my sites too. See signautre, and this is my wife’s site:

–Matttail - personal website


At the Wiki link below you will find the previous winners of the DreamHost site of the month award. These sites should give you a fair idea of the quality of DreamHost hosting.


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Wow. DreamHost is totally flawless.Tech support top noch, and provide more than enough space and bandwith. If you type in the promotion code
you can save $90 for the yearly account. You can’t beat that deal.


DreamHost is good, very good in fact, but they arent ‘flawless’, a quick look around these forums will show you that.

DreamHost has many of the same problems experienced by other hosts, the difference (in my experience) is the way that DreamHost actively seeks to resolve these problems when they become apparent.

You can actually. :slight_smile:

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