Hosted Domain


I’m curious about the “Domains Hosted” feature.

Does this mean I can have several domains all under one account (so they share the same diskspace and bandwidth), but that a visitor to any of these domains would be unaware I had this sort of hosting (i.e. the URL of the page always stays with the domain someone is visiting, rather than just redirecting to

I know it’s a relatively simple question, but every host seems to use different terms to mean the same things!


Yes that is right . Your domains will all be individual domains. You can choose to have the same ftp/ssh usernamefor many domains or have an individual ftp/ssh username for every domain. Or you can choose various options for redirecting/mirroring/cloaking a domain. You really can mix and match the various combinations. It is your choice.



Actually that’s one of the features I like most about Dreamhost, each domain can have its own user, databases, etc… Starting with 2 domains, that makes Dreamhost significantly cheaper than the 4.99 cheap hosts like Godaddy
Also that features works for a webdesigner who wants to offer a cheap hosting to his small business customers .
I currently host 6 domains under the 9.95 accounts with no problems at all

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Thanks for the replies.

Another quick question - presumably the name-servers for any other domain I want to add to my account need be set to the Dreamhost name-servers?

I expect they need to be, but I’ve not seen any documentation on it anywhere (and since it can take a few hours to propogate, I don’t really want to change settings to to test things).


Yes, if the domains are registered elsewhere, you will need to configure the DNS for those domains to point to the DreamHost name servers;


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Don’t forget that you also get 1 free domain reg. with a hosting plan. If you don’t need it (e.g. you are transferring an existing domain) you can use that free reg. later.


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So this means that the domains that I host will have their own cpanel too? :slight_smile: sorry, I’m really new on this stuffs.


No. DreamHost does not use cpanel, they use their own proprietary Web admin panel and the domains you host will all be administered via the one panel.

However, you can create new panel log-ins (called WEBIDs) and specify the privileges applicable to them. You can also create new machine/FTP users and give them access to specific domains.


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I see. thank you very much for the info :slight_smile: