Hosted Domain


4 options… This post is concerning option 2 and 3.

I have a webhost/domain set up at Which option do I choose to move over to dreamhost?

Option 2: I already own a domain, I just want to host it with you (you can still register a free domain later)!
Option 3: I already own a domain, I want to host it AND transfer the registration for free!
(Please change your nameservers (to, etc…) before the transfer.


If you already have a domain registered elsewhere, the “Free” domain reg. will be available for you to use on a new additional domain, which you can host under any of the plans you select.

What plan is best for you? Compare from this list and select the best plan


It is worth noting that the ‘free’ domain is for the life of the hosting with DreamHost. Basically the domain registration is factored into the plan cost.

Also, if you choose to transfer an existing domain during the sign-up process, the ‘free’ domain can be registered later using the Web Panel.

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