Host/user/pwd: mysql?

The instructions for setting up a MySQL hostname in the DH:KBase are not accurate in regards to what’s showing up on my account screen.

When I click on Goodies: MySQL, I get this:

[Add New Database]

Where as in the KBase, it says [ Add MySQL hostname ]

My question is, if I follow what’s in my account’s panel, will my “hostname” be And if so, will I be prompted to setup my “username/password” at the time of its creation, or after the fact through the “phpMyAdmin” interface?

I’m a newbie at this, so imagine you’re responding to …er… someone slow on the uptake. :wink:

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You have to set up the database first, then you’ll get the option to create a hostname for it (which can be any subdomain except for one you have already created) and a username (for which you’ll be asked to give a password).

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Oh great! Thanks a bunches.

Now I can see where the [ Add MySQL Hostname ] comes in at. bangs head repeatedly on keyboard and wonders just how dense she can be

After reading some of the “user posts” in the Kbase, should I go ahead and [Add User ] and [ Add MySQL Hostname ] immediately? Or wait an hour or so to do this? Also, where exactly do I look to see when it’s status changes to active? Under the Goodies:MySQL tab or the Domains tab?

This is it for me on this subject, at least for now.

Lonie :wink:

I don’t believe I ever had problems when adding the hostname and user immediately - except that I have always forgotten the password by the time the DB is active (hah!).

You should be able to see when it’s active under the MySQl tab. Could take up to two hours, though.

Oh thanks so very much. cheeses brightly

I’m off to do just that, then run a few errands, and maybe watch a movie, so that, hopefully, my new DB will be active by the time I get done. LOL!

thanks again for your help.

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