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I’ve just initiated the transfer of my domain from another host to DreamHost. I have added the domain to my DH account and changed the dns settings to DreamHost. Now comes my questions which may be a stupid and I apologize in advance -how will I know when the hosting has completed the transfer to DreamHost? I have already uploaded my site to Once the transfer is complete, will I need to change my ftp settings from to something else and reupload the site? I’ve read the wiki, but don’t see the answer to these questions. Sorry if I sound really confused but I am :slight_smile:


You’re set. Just sit back and wait. is the same machine as will be upon DNS update. You don’t need to re-upload your data, but in a week, I suggest you change your FTP settings from “beverly” to “your domain.”

• You won’t truly know when the switchover is complete, as it takes up to 5 days for DNS to fully propagate. For a hint, change one tiny thing on the home page that you’ll see upon switchover. While you may see the new site, others might not get the DNS update for a while and continue to visit the old site.

• The hard part is email. If you’re receiving email for that domain, that’s a small can of worms and needs to be dealt with separately.



Hi Scott,

Thank you so much for the info!

One more question, please…

I’d like to add a phpBB3 message board to my site using the download from the phpBB3 website rather than the one-click install from DreamHost. Should I wait until I’m sure the hosting change has completed or doesn’t it make a difference?

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You can do it either way, but if you can wait, I’d think that would be easier (as you won’t have to export your database from the old host, and then re-import it into a new DH database).

Uploading the code is pretty much the same either way, but by waiting you shouldn’t have to re-configure things. :wink:



Thanks - I think that’s good advice…

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