Host the emails at Dreamhost, the web somewhere else


Dear all,

For a certain domain at registrar R, i would like to host website at host A, and emails (yes, only them) at host DREAMHOST.

possible ? need to first activate website+emails first ?



That is possible, but a lot of the Dreamhost email servers and ips are on big spam lists such as spamhaus, so your emails may go to a spam folder. < Note that most of those are from 2012, they are letting themselves go when it comes to spam and hacked websites in 2012.


Thanks for the reply.

Dreamhost replied and explained me how to proceed. Actually, my case is at it worst, i presume, as the domain name is a domain, which means most of the emails sent will come from users from mainland China.

So this SBL+ emails coming from China = … We’ll see where it will go :slight_smile: