Host SUBdomain


I want to host on Dreamhost a subdomain without hosting whole domain. For that purposes I made an A record in DNS settings <->
Where IP - server address where my account is situated.
But control panel still refuses adding this subdomain. When we wrote to support we’ve got this discouraging answer:
The domain must be added to the account, for you to be allowed to create subdomains for that domain.
And what if I don’t want to transfer domain to Dreamhost and want to host only subdomain staing main site hosted on another hosting??


Try this.
Add your domain to DH using the add domains option but do not change the nameservers for i.e. leave the domain pointing to where you want it to.

Now go back and try to add your subdomain into DreamHost.

You will obviously need to add your A records and any other host records as needed into your domains zone records.

DreamHost are just telling you that your domain needs to be physically added first before youcan actually add a sub-domain into the system. You do not have to use it. :slight_smile: