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i am now hosting a second site through dream host and once I published the site, I receive an message stating www… coming soon. I can not remember what to do next. I have FTP but am really not sure what needs to be done. It’s been over a year since I hosted my last site. ANy suggestions


You can start by creating web pages, or using one of our nifty One-click installs to start building your site! Explore your options here:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I already have a full site but once I clicked publish on the software itself, I’m not sure what to do next with dream host. Does it take awhile to appear online?
thank you it’s up! :slight_smile:


Yep! I’d taken a look inside your user directory and noticed you had two separate site directories for the same site; One was capitalized, one was not. The software you’re using to build and upload the site created the capitalized name, and that’s where it put all the site content. However when the domain was set up for hosting in our panel, it created and linked it to the lowercase directory name. I simply changed the setting in our panel (Manage Domains > “Edit” to the right of the domain) where the directory is named, and changed it to the capitalized one. :slight_smile: Nothing further should be required on your end.