Host site registered with 3rd party on DreamHost

I registered a site ( with a third party registration company ( and am trying to host the site on DreamHost. I’ve updated the domain information at to reflect third party hosting and updated the nameservers to,, and

Unfortunately, I can no longer see the website in my broswer, a whois lookup states the domain is “not available” and the nameservers have yet to update on whois (they still show as

Did I miss a step related to setting DreamHost as the host? Or does the update of nameservers normally take some time? And is the webpage is normally unavailable during this time?

Thanks for your help. I’m a newbie when it comes to hosting, so any advice would be welcome.

looks like you are just waiting on DNS propagation.

bunch of DNS servers are already point correctly, but a few are not yet. DNS changes take anywhere from a few minutes (best case) to an avg of 8-24 hours normally, but might take 72 hours worldwide.

Thanks for the reply!