Host problems with PHP Form Emails?

I’ve recently bought hosting from and for the past hour I’ve been trying to get a simple php email script to work to no avail.

I then decided to go out and download one.
I was running the Huggins Email Form Script V2.2.1 test and I still couldn’t get an email sent to me after submitting a form.

Can someone here code me a simple fill out php email form so I can upload and see if this server supports it?


I was told to make my own php.ini

I don’t understand those instructions… help please?

Edit: I tried to login SSH using putty but it said ““This account allows only ftp connections””

I just want to host a few php email forms :frowning: Admin please help ASAP

Eh? I cannot see any reason why that should be necessary, unless the form was being used to upload files. The wiki has two related articles on forms that should give you a starting point:

  1. PHP Form Processing
  2. PHP mail()

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OK, I’m having the same problem…

I read both those articles: PHP form processing & PHP mail…

I guess I’m still to new to quite understand them, though. I’m having a heck of a time and I’m using Dreamweaver CS3.

ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated (a step-by-step) as I’ve been up all night with this.

I HAVE an HTML page with a form in it… how do I get the results emailed to me?!

Thanks, Deb

If you want unformatted results from the form, you could just put your email address into the form’s action attribute:<form method="post" action="">However, this will result in your email address being exposed to unscrupulous email harvesters.

For a very simple, step-by-step guide to using PHP to send you the results of a form, check out the last part of an XHTML tutorial I wrote a few years ago. The example given is intended to show the concept - it works, but there has been no hardening for security. It is kept deliberately simple to make it easy to understand, but you should develop a more security-conscious version before deploying it for real.

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