Host Podcast on dreamhost?

Anyone know if DreamHost would be good for hosting files for a podcast and then linking it to a podcast feedburner?

I intend of having a fairly large audience at some point- say in a few months.

Would you suggest this or another service?

It’s possible, yes, but you may want to consider a VPS. PodCasts just use more memory and CPU than other sites, because they’re media heavy (same goes for video sites). It’s hard to give exact numbers without exact numbers, but basically large audio files plus a lot of visitors will need some management from someone who is familiar with both the software you use to run your site and possibly servers.

(Using Feedburner won’t really take the load off, since the media will be pulled from your server :slight_smile: )

Like Ips mentioned using a VPS or a dedicated server might be a good idea. Even if it’s overkill in the beginning, if you intend on having a large audience why go to the trouble of migrating everything to another package when you start getting popular.