Host name?

Stupid question, but couldn’t find the answer in the Wiki or the forums: I want to use SSH Secure Shell rather than Putty (if possible) because it is the software I know and use on other web sites. How do I find my DreamHost host name and password? Thank you.

Well you can ssh to your domain… you must have created the user, to host your domain, so it is the user… also on the panel on the users tab on manage one column says machine, if you don’t have domain or need to conect to machine use that name followed by (needed if you have created a new domain and it’s not available yet).


Putty is a windows SSH client. (like CuteFTP is an FTP client)

Just a different way of doing the same thing.

And Putty’s just that good.


They are not competing programs, putty uses ssh, just like telnet can. Telnet and putty are competing programs.

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