Host more than one domain

Hi all,

Since I have a website, and my team have a podcast website, so I am interested in the Code Monster Plan which provide enough bandwidth to our client.

It said the Domains Hosted is unlimited, does it mean I can host and in the same account with different contents?

Will I be provided 2 document root? or one of the domain need to be pointing to a directory of the document root?

e.g -> ~/public_html -> ~/public_html/xyz

If it is a hosted under a directory of the document root, if someone entry, he will be viewing the content of, right?

and if someone enter … will he see in his address bar… ? how about if the customer click a link under

What software is used in the Web-Based Account Control Panel? Or it is made by dreamhost developer? I am mainly interested in what functions it provides. Will I get two username and password? or I need to share the username and password with my team?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there any Control Panel account for demonstration?

you can host multiple domains and they would all be different sites. Its not like Powweb where your domain is hosted under your main account.

Each domain is seperate from the rest.

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Yes, you can host as many domains (or sub-domains) as required. Each will have it’s own web accessable directory with the same name as the domain.

For example, if you had the domains and, you would have the following directories in your home directory;

DreamHost use their own home-grown admin panel. While it does take some getting used to, especially if you are coming from a host that uses cPanel, I find it provides all the functionality you could want.

You can create new WEBIDs (panel log-ins) and set certain privileges for those WEBIDs, limiting what each has access to in the panel.

Yes, I believe you can create a DreamHost account (without purchasing any hosting) at the link below;


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If you only want to give your team access to their files, you can create a new FTP/Shell user and give that user control of the second domain name.

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